Success Or Failure ?

What is success and what is Failure.

I stand in front of the mirror and beyond the sight of a body that should be at Jenny Craigs… I ask my self two questions am i over confident and do i believe that life is going to change around.

How do you weigh a mans success is it by the way he dresses the way he lives in a million dollar house and has more that he should.

I see men who are successful with the way their presentation is as a human, the way they approach them selfs to people, the understanding off life in all areas off culture.. Don’t put people or society down look out for family and friends enjoy life with what they have a round them.

Failure of a man of those that believe that they’re better than every one els and only have one thing with they’re agenda in life themselves. Got no idea of a real world and real people that are around them, just take and don’t give back, believe they’re untouchable because of wealth around them, don’t understand life is more than just them.

My Success

The way i see it.. is being myself just me.. I have my kids and two great ones at that, a very good family around me, friends that understand an don’t understand me which is good. I have tried a few things in life to get myself ahead in life.. i don’t believe my life is at an end because of age and except what i have is what iv’e got so just except it ( no fucking way ) I feel i still have so much to try in life and aren’t over excitable of my achievements in myself with life.

I have failure through things that were out of my hands and some through the wrong decisions made on my behalf.. i could call my marriage a failure as we divorced after 20 years, the success of that is i have a good friend and a great mother that loves her kids and all ways there if they need her. Iv’e put the finger in the pie of business been successful with what i call success and in what i got out through them.

This is were i am now, i believe ill get to another level in life through bettering my position in the work force. In The last 20 months i have not given up to get a better position in the work force.

I understand in the way it’s a part of life over 50 and your on the scrape pile in the work force, but i all so understand that there are companies that are willing to give the older a chance with the company you just got to keep pushing to get that one opjputunty hopefully it’s getting closer for me.

That is what i believe in what i’m doing, taking the lows not to many highs but enough to get me through and keep looking, working, trying, don’t give into political bull shit that your over the hill, with the understanding just keep looking and moving forward in life it will happen.



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