Good Friday..Lol

The phone is ringing at just got to bed from night shift.. not impressed but saw the number and answered with such dignity Lol – Good morning Paul speaking – Hello it’s Sue from Muntulgura Guruma can you come to the head office for – Inductions around – too easy Sue ill be there.

Had a nervous sleep through the day in other words not to much but all good – Induction took 5 hours finished around tired but got through it ok.

My new home for 8 days a week ?

Well id say i will be starting my new position very soon – In Australia companies don’t waste there time and pay for your inductions with taking your bank account and BSB number if your not working with them so id say there is a very good chance ill start work with them soon.

These are the different sites i could be positioned at to do Traffic Management.

There are 9 different sites and could be position at any one – iv’e been told i’m doing 2 months training on site in learning the program with the way off setting up road sites with the reading and understanding the map lay outs as every company works differently – At end off the 2 months ill have my own crew as their supervisor..I have been told i’m on the best of FIFO Shifts 8 days on – 6 days off Love it… Excellent challenges i’m happy with that.

Looking forward to the next few weeks – Monday into the companys doctor for drug & alcohol test and then wait for a call for the next phase… It’s exciting to know i’m going a different direction in life again Lol.



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