Down Pour..

Been in for interview number 1.

Was asked the question would i be interested in 2 months of training with the company in the way they do Traffic Management and then take on the supervisor position, now when you get asked that deep question at an interview you would sort of feel, you could have or have the position.

The work is in the Pilbara region which is good stunning scenery, really hot the average day is around 40 degrees.. we finished on me filling in my BSB, Account and the bank i’m with.. they will get back too me in a couple of days.. as i was walking out.. i was asked how quick could you be ready to fly out.. and it’s 8 days on 6 days off FIFO..are you happy with that all answers were very positive.

Well the moral of this post is i’m confident not over but yes and ready to go … now it’s the waiting game but not a bad place to be at.

Life is with so many If’s.. Buts.. Why.. Should I… For what ever it is – it’s worth guessing for.


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