When It Rains.. It Pours.. Lol

So it amazes me seriously how things work and the way it works. I was out of work for over 14 months could not buy a job from cleaning, gardening, car detailing, sports development, counselling for what ever i tried every thing.. even to volunteer you needed credentials to give your own time for the return of nothing, to help people that were more unfortunate than you.download-5 This company is a fully operated Aboriginal company that is in Darwin, Derby and the Pilbara region.. they special Alize with mining Iron Ore, construction, building, gardening, cleaning and asphalt roads.. my daughter was told by her friend that is a consultant for them that there looking for Traffic Management ( TC ) eight day on six days off.. get your dad to put in for it.


So as a good dad does he did Lol.. and i have HR ringing me today to give me some details of the position and what is needed, looking at it seriously as a dream job work 8 days – 6 days off i like that idea..Mmmm so now have 3 options in front of me to be honest if this come up first as much as i love sports i don’t want to wait 10 too 12 weeks so id be gone and to be honest again work 7.5 months of the year for 80,000 plus is pretty good.


Muntulgura Guruma 

Is an Aboriginal Corporation in a Native Title body that represents the interest of the Eastern Guruma people, over traditional lands that cover around 6,500 square kilometres  around Tom Price, Karijini National Park in the Eastern Pilbara region of Western Australia.

This company is 100% owned Indigenous company providing civil and mining services within the Pilbara area, the company have established as one of the biggest company’s in Australia in the Pilbara area that put most of there earnings in return to community’s, with homeless, sickness, building schools & hospitals, creating employment, and protecting the heritage and sacred land of Karijini National Park in the Pilbara area.


The Pilbara is a stunning and amazing place, it would be pretty good to work in the region.. Moral off this story is that i seem to be getting more offers and positions to apply for and with the chance of getting the positions than when i was unemployed for 14 months and yes i have said i’m lucky to have a job at the moment but i’m not keeping up with todays economy just staying afloat, lips are just above water line.

In saying that i have.. 1 that i can start in 10 too 12 weeks… 1 that i only have to make the decision to buy in to the business and now we have movement with Muntulgura Guruma in the Pilbara Area in full time work.

So yes it’s amazing how things work in life i’m just glad in the way i have options coming in that could help me a lot in life.. again it’s me that makes the right decision and again I’m pretty happy that i could have and be heading in the right direction in life hope so.

images-12 Who wouldn’t want to work in some of the most beautiful country in Australia, the break is coming i believe that there is an opportunity for me in life.             download-6




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