To Get What You Want… You Need To Work Hard.

These guys had dreams and goals that they wanted to achieve in their lives.. To do that would train 3 nights at the gym plus Saturday and 3 hour sessions at the track 3 days a week.

At the gym we worked on .. strength and power with legs, hips, core, and upper.. a lot of the work was explosive weight work.. example = 5 sets 10 reps 50 to 100 kilos.. once a week we worked on heavy programs.. example.. dead lift = 5 sets 3 reps 120 kilos.. bench press = 5 sets 3 reps 60 kilos.. squats = 3 sets 5 reps 100 kilos.. the athletes would work to a program for 1 month and we would work with the times and programs to see if we needed to stay with it or change up another level.

With the gym and track the athletes worked a lot on technique with weights and running.. with this particular exercise it was balance, pause, explosive arms and legs, working on the ball of their feet and technique for sprints.. they would do a program in warm up of 5 run throughs, stretching and short starts at 50% of 20 meters followed by serious of short and long sprints.. starts and much more for 3 hour sessions.

Hard work is the key to gain your dreams and goals.

Sacrifice of so many things, enjoy your wins, understand you’re failures learn with every win, loss, injuries, be hungry to be the best you can… more than any thing enjoy your ride with what you want to achieve.


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