How The Years Go…We’re Do They Go ?


My Daughter’s birthday today.. wow were have those 28 years gone.

My little girl is 28 today and i call her my little girl because in dads eyes she still is my little girl and all ways will be. Id have to say i might not have much in life as in the fruit of money and equity but i have something that is special my bond and friendship with my kids, to me thats one of the best things in the world is being really close to my kids there like my best mates as well as my chirldren.


She Is A Special Lady, With Such A Great Heart.

Now i know all dads are proud of there daughter’s and they have us all raped around our  little finger i know.  But Tara has a unique way with people of all ages nothing is a problem to help when needed and to give her last cent if she has too. Iv’e watched and grown with Wade and Tara as they have been with me since they were little and still are Hahaha i don’t know but my philosophy is if my kids are happy so am i, there both my best mates and we have our days good and bad, they make sure that dad is all good and support every thing i do to achieve my goals in life.

fullsizeoutput_b58.jpegIMG_0258.JPGrhHAdq%jQeuZgqxALk8IpA.jpg Toots loves her dad and i know that we are like a mum and daughter if she ever thinks that i’m going to leave and go my own way she talks to me and has her thoughts off if it’s the right decision Lol and won’t talk to me for a while her poor husband Dallas he just saids.. Mags we are really happy living with you ya know that hey..

Toots as a dad i couldn’t wish for two better kids in life and especially the bond and friendship you and i have, life isn’t too bad when you know what you have an achieved with your kids.


A another chapter in life my great little mate and grandson, and yes i know we all say it.. a beautiful and fantastic mum, Toots has blown me away as a daughter and a mum the way her and Dallas are bring up Kaiden is brilliant. Haha i have 4 kids and thank god for that in my life.

Have a great day Tara and thank you for being my daughter, best mate and little girl. Lol.


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