To Be On A High – Followed By The Let Down.

When i was in the zone…Coaching at a good level working well with the Athletes.

This was my business before things went haywire with being diagnosed with a Bone Fragment Tumour and the loosing of full time work. I did all my own promos with filming and editing with all the athletes and coaches, promoted every second day that created over 240 clients and growing.

Do You ever get the feeling to go again, do it all again iv’e sort of got the feeling especially knowing i can do if i seriously look at the business offered to me which i’m haven a meeting with Kate with mine and her lawyers Lol mine owes me 300 dollars so it’s free for the 2 hours to see if it’s a financially a good move with ( Key To Health & Fitness.)

What it can and see doing is create full time work for me as they’re is all ready over a 157 fully paid clients there and the work to potentially grow it even further is there, we have had a quote to change the locks on the doors so we can introduce swipe cards to go to a 24 hour gym every thing through the council and paper work is all signed and sealed.  Its not a good day today as i’m sort of mixed in feelings.. The Meeting with the superintendent and the commissioner was good and very positive.

The down turn was i don’t start for another 10 to 12 weeks through this it will certainly put pressure and widen that deepens the hole that i’m experiencing now don’t know if i want to go deeper at the moment…

I look at this if this is my biggest problem then i’m doing ok… but all so if i don’t get on top off this,  it is and will be a major problem as i look at the letters from the bank that does not ask if i’m ok pretty sure with that one.

I find in life people put thing across to you but seem to miss a few things on the way in explaining that you have a full time position but forgot to mention that it was another three months before commencement date…

I respect people who tell me the truth.

No matter how bad it is.

Thats all i ask be honest or if you don’t the right answer ask someone who does, got my hopes up and then half a deflated tyre was put in front off me, O well just makes me work harder for the right direction to take in life.

The Next Step For Me.

Be Honest With Yourself.

What am i looking for and how do i find what i’m looking for.




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