What A Week

Its been a funny sort of a week..


As usual no work Monday a few hours Tuesday and then 3 – 9 hour shifts for the rest of the week, working with the shire on the roads… Been maintaining my Keto program which is good, get a phone call from Henry Day the owner at Muscle Pit Gym come on Paul no excuses mate come back to the Gym free of charge just want to see you back, after the seventh call hard to say no.. started Wednesday.


Kate the owner of the gym ( Key 2 Health & Fitness ) that i was looking at seriously taken on as a business rang me she has picked up another 30 clients and working hard to go further she has 137 fully paid clients. Kate has still got the gym on the cards for me to buy at the same price and the same deal which is amazing and Kate said that she would hold on too it for me until i’m ready to buy. What an amazing lady been so helpful and as the bank manger and the accountant said id be silly not to look at this very seriously as it has great potential of expanding even more.


Every thing has me thinking and doing my homework on the potential of this business.

And then i get a phone call on Thursday from the ( Australian Federal Immigration  Department..) the voice said’s… Paul are you working.. do you like your job.. would you still been keen.. Ans = yes = not really not enough hours or money = and yes.


We would like to offer you the position as head Coach of  Recreation and Sports  at Yongah Hill Immigration Dentition Centre in Northam three months full time and we take it from there at the end of the 3 months… i went quiet very quiet tried to think for a minute when did i apply for this position how long ago as i applied for over 227 jobs up to date.

I was reminded before Christmas i had been for three interviews and a phone interview and i just missed out got down to the last two, one of the recreation and sports staff has long service leave for 3 months would you like the position full time for 3 months with the opportunity going full time.. Hours 8am to 4pm with over time available and weekend work.. $31.50 an hour plus penalty rates and double time for all work over 37.5 hours per week you have the potential of earning 85,000 plus a year… uniform supplied and we would look at accommodation weekly if needed… Mmmm let me think about this for a minute..Lol.

The voice hangs up.. an hour later.. Paul iv’e spoken to the superinteant of the complex you do not need to go for an interview as we have had four with you… The position is your’s to start in 2 weeks full time for 3 months with the opportunity to go full time at the hourly rate with all the benefits as spoken before.. Today i have the Superintendent  off the complex and the Commissioner of the Federal Immigration Department taking me out for a coffee to discuss the position as sports coach of Yongah Hill Immigration Department and the starting date.



Now Northam is 90 kilometres from Perth around an hour trip to and from the site, 2 hour trip every day which is not that much of a problem and it’s one of the biggest wheat belt towns of W.A with a population of around 6,000 people.. i all so have a meeting with Kate on Monday as she is prepared to hold on to the gym for me until October so it gives me a chance to clean some bills and go into the bank with the better options if i’m interested in buying the business.

It’s amazing how things can change in life for the better or worse at a flick of a phone call, the coffee with the Superintendent and the Commissioner will certainly help me with my derision that i call for me.. i would say i certainly would be a fool not to take it as it can open a lot of doors in what i love doing coaching and working with people, she has spoken to me several times with of great interest in getting me to start in 2 weeks with the position.

fullsizeoutput_109fimg_2017imagesfullsizeoutput_108edownload-2-4 Its all happening i’m in a position for once where i really do make a choice of something that can benefit me in life with which i haven’t had for a while in the last few years.. instead of trying to work out how am i going to pay this bill and what do i need to accomplish to better my self in life, it’s all in front of me.

img_3061cropped-img_1434-1.jpgdownloadpexels-photo-461431 I’m not a person that ask for too much in life.. well i don’t think that i do ask for too much really.. just to be happy and have an opportunity to keep progressing in life.. but there is one thing missing in my life and it’s not to much i think a lady to grow and love with me in my life.


So in four hours ill make the decision on the position as the recreation and sports coach i’m not 100% but pretty sure it could be an easy and good one to call.. i wonder if i push it and ask for a cheese cake with my coffee Hahaha Lol.


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