The Squat

The Squat is another one of those great exercises for the body, and again it’s an argument on the movement and what it does for the body.

The benefits for doing squats in weights..building your leg muscles – quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. These drill’s also create an anabolic environment, which promotes body-wide muscle building, improving muscle mass. Squats and all of their variation, are a great exercise for the whole body.


Squats – can be done in so many variations of exercises if you haven’t got weights or not in a gym. Medicine balls – Barbells and only need to be a couple of kilos – Broome stick on the shoulders or out in front of you with arms straight.

There are so many programs in the exercise of the squats and all have great benefits with or with out weights, the main thing with these particular just get the ( technique spot on ) through doing the right technique on the squat, deadlift, benchpress it will improve the benefit of the exercise, make it so much easer and less chance of injury to your body.

The very first thing we incorporated before we introduced the exercise as part of the program was that the technique was at a very good level, with any weight movement that’s would have to be one off the most important part of the program learning the correct technique.




The Squat- can be used for – Powerlifting – Weightlifting – Tone the body, Muscle strength – Power & Speed for sports – Fitness and loose weight.


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