Day of Applying.


Im doing it again Applying for a position in the work force, or another job as i just can’t keep living on one day getting hour’s and then nothing, it’s too hard to live this way.. seriously it’s hard work.


I have a job yes and should be grateful as the saying goes.. like last fortnight i did the best hours in 8 weeks and now it looks like i’m back to square one 20 hours a week. The company keeps saying that work will pick up soon, but as i wait my bills keep accumulating at a rapid rate.


In Australia we have what is called FIFO – fly in fly out – positions as in gardening, cleaning, kitchen hands, and labour positions in remote area and mining companies. So i applied for several positions again most of them are 2 weeks on and 1 week off and a few are 8 on 6 off.

I haven’t a problem with positions like this or flying out working in remote areas of Australia not as if i have any thing keeping me here and a change could be good in the work force and different areas of living. What it really comes down to i need to get on my feet with a work position that offered better hours and certainly better money than I’m receiving at the moment.

The most important part for me is not to get down with it but certainly look at getting on top of it before it becomes a big problem as it will happen if i just go with the flow with what i’m doing, at the end of the day two things i look at.. i have some work coming in which is ok, but while i got the work i have a chance to better that what i’m doing with the thought it will pick up just don’t… Give Up stay Focused and Be Positive.




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