The benchpress is a great exercise for shoulders, chest, and triceps hard, it does work when it comes to making stronger or push exercises. This can benefit stronger muscles for other push exercises like the barbell overhead, press or dips.

The bench press is a core fundamental exercise for developing upper body strength. Your not only working your pectorals (chest) you are all so working your anterior deltoids (front shoulder) triceps brachia, and latissimus doors (back).

If you are looking at lifting big weights make sure you have what we call a spotter to support you and if any thing wrong with the lift as they can take the weight to help you so you don’t cause injury.

This one is called pull downs it works on the same concept as the benchpress, with this it can work on your core and stomach as well as your upper strength.

These exercise i have illustrated can be very good for strength, muscle tone, and body fat with losing weight. With these exercise barbells can be used in a sitting position or laying  down on an exercise mat, also remember if you haven’t worked out in a gym or used weights before.. start off on low weights and reps with getting the technique right first.. take your time start slow.



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