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The Weekend Of Sports.

Womens World Of Cricket.

Australia V England.

Womens cricket is going leaps and bounds in the world of sports, and why not there are some outstanding cricket players in the womens division of world cricket. Australia on first day are 5-341 and looking very strong in the batting, as i watched the game there were as good a shot played with some out standing batting from Australia.

Great sportsmanship as Perry hits another 100 to her total.

Europes Best At Our Feet.

Just going back a few days.. Wednesday to be exact we have had Manchester United and Leeds united over in Perth for apart of there tour and Pre-season clashes. Well what can we say Optus Stadium was sold out for all games and yes Australia loves the world game of Football as it is known through the world.. to us it’s soccer as we have AFL football but to the 60.000 at each game it was heaven to see some of Europe’s best play here, well done to the Australian and England camps for putting on such a great spectacle of world sports.

Tour De France.

I dropped into my parents once a week drop in for a coffee Lol it’s better than nothing is my motto.. any way as i walk in there dad in his usual July seat in the lounge glued to the TV and yes it’s that time of the year Tour De France.. Dad might be 91 but wow he can tell ya every rider, stages, who has the yellow guernsey and who won the last decades of the race, it’s funny he is parsley death when this race is on he’s full death and why not it is certainly one of the best cycling races staged every year if not the wolds best race.

Manny Pacquiao Vs Keith Thurman.. For The WBA Welterweight Title Fight.

Tomorrow were off to watch what should be one off the best fights this year in boxing.. my son loves his boxing and same with the 20 plus of us that are going to watch it on the big screen at the Belmont Sports Bar.

Seriously i don’t know Thurman personally but what a complete Wanker the way he puts down one of the greatest men to put boxing gloves on with a record of – 70 fights -61 wins – knockouts 39 – 4 losses – 8 different division title fights. He is rated as the best Super bantamweight – Flyweight – and Welterweight in the world wright at todays active boxers in the world. Thurman has a record of 30 fights – 29 wins – titles hold the WBA world welterweight title fight.. Mmmm it’s a good record but really the way that man has put Manny down it’s disgusting i know its about tickets through the door and TV coverage but when it gets personal i think Manny smack the shit out off him and you deserve to be the most humble champion of the world.

AFL Is Going Strong.

A massive weekend in AFL as we are starting to get to the last 6 games before finals and at the moment there is 12 teams that can get into the top eight for finals it’s a pretty good weekend as there are top 8 playing each other this weekend AFL is looking good.

WSL world surfing at it’s best with Jeffreys Bay.

I’m so glad with my WSL App as all week i have been watching the world titles as for us its night time as it’s live in South Africa – Jeffreys Bay. The men and womens titles have been so good this year and what these guys are doing on surf boards is mind blowing to see we’re surfing has gone today’s surfing.

I have only named a few sports that would be occurring this weekend through out the world, with these ones there the ones i’m really interested into this weekend, the greatest thing with sports all over the world it dose not matter age, colour, country, women or men, rich or poor sports will all ways have the greatest interest and following through out the world every week or weekend.. Love Sports..


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