Iv’e Been Asked.

Yes i have been asked so many times.. but didn’t think i was ready to do so in saying that i would like to give it a go again maybe i am ready and yes i do love working with people and helping them getting back into there fitness and goals with their lives.

Fitness and weight loss programs on line.

For me it’s the enjoyment of watching clients loose weight get fitter and achieve their goals.. but they have to realise that it’s hard work don’t be a dreamer and think it just falls off with out work and effort.

Before things didn’t go well for me i had roughly 12 on line doing fitness and weight loss..and it worked really well with 9 they put in the work to achieve their goals..and it made it so enjoyable to watch them progress and get the targets they wanted to achieve..

Looking forward to another challenge and getting back into what i love doing helping clients off all ages achieve their goals.


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