In Life..We Learn All The Time..

I have read so many post on different situations of people in their lives. I myself have had a lot different stages as i call them in the last few years, but every day now i wake up and think another day and another challenge good or bad is in front of me, it’s the way i take these challenges and the way i make them work for me.

Life is a journey and even at the sweet young age of 60 Hahaha you all ways are learning with the lessons given to us.. like for instance i was a naughty boy according to the Manager at work i went over 25 minutes on the budget given.. Mmmm he yelled and put his point across, i walked out with a lesson of i won’t do that again and a pinch of salt drove out of the yard and work was forgotten.

Yesterday as i worked 13 hours and really worked in with the shire and contractors to make sure this job was completed at a professional level, i was thanked by every manger and boss for doing such a great job and saving the contract with the contractors… great job Paul thank you so much so proffesionaly done.. words of wisdom from the same man that yelled at me the day before…Hahaha Lol.

The lesson i learnt with the last two days ? .. day one understand the tight budget every company work on.. yes went over it but finished the job and it was very well done on the approach to the site.. even the Manger commented how good the site was on approach, the key was i didn’t get stressed out it wasn’t the end of the world life goes on and i’m happy i just have work.. day two it’s good to be thanked for the effort you do sometimes, but it also shows how quick things can change..

Today is another lesson in life.. I’ve woke up feeling good and healthy, i’m off to work and i can pay some bills, but i have learnt over the years with the challenges thrown in front of us, they seem to work out with a good out look on the problems it’s hard as they are some with sersiouns or with the casual stride but i’m trying so hard to be better minded for every challenge and learning to be a better person for it.


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