Long Last

Why do i say that MMM good question thanks for asking.. did i meet the lady of my life No Hahah Lol .. did i win lotto No – the bank asked the same question have you any money going into the account Hahaha Cant rush these things..

A full week Of work.

Yes a full week first in a few months and all night shift which is good takes it up to an extra 7.80 an hour and penalties for night’s and again different line of work every night.. the good part of it 12 to 14 hour shifts which is good normal time for 7.5 and then any thing after is double time excellent… well a start thats good.

Worked with this crew most of the week what a funny bunch… harmless but Mmmm it’s like working on another planet, with so many different personalities… you must think that i think i’m perfect ( fuck na far from it ) One off the guys.. would all ways go Mmm ill explain it like this.. How are ya Mate … ANS.. Yea yea yea good.. watching the game on the weekend Yea yea yea for sure.. are you married Yea Yea yea 25 years.. every thing was yea yea yea and then sentence.. now i know why they call him Yea Yea Lol..

It’s funny how things finish for the week… tex message from work at 5.am can u start another shift at 9.30 am today for us.. Yea Yea Yea no problem.. double shift Mmm like the money idea Hahaha.. full on job i had 15 islands to secure for safety with visible cones for on coming traffic around the highways.

May be i’m stupid or just the way i look at it.. i’m all good here i am working in the middle off heavey traffic flow with trucks, buses, cars, bikes, semi trailers what ever use the roads, interesting how life changes and what you do to earn a dollar.


One response to “Long Last”

  1. Not a bad gig those night shifts. Hope you come over here and try a working holiday😃. Lots more roads in Vic and plenty more traffic to dodge😬

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