Variations Off Work

If there is one particular point of the work i do is the variations of the job. One day your at an emergency scene, the next day you’re on the freeway or a roundabout or doing pedestrian watch Lol.

Last night adding a small sign to finish the job, it was interesting we closed 2 lanes of traffic.. not happy on freeway.

The great thing i like is the different personality’s i work with there are some really down to earth characters on this job, honest hard working people that have there life problems like every one but look at it as all is good and life goes on.

At the moment i’m doing night shift and working with 3 other guys around the same age, all got life time experiences and take things with a pinch of salt with the understanding of were there been and were there going, we all look after each other as we on the freeway with night shift not the best place to be in the day let a known night, drivers just don’t seem to take notice or see what ahead at 100 kms or don’t care.. but that’s as the saying goes why we get payed the big bucks… Hahaha Lol.

Theses guys are really my safety to the job, it’s funny how well i enjoy them covering me.



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