To Finish The Day It’s Appropriate.

Mmm As i got to sit at my desk on comes ( Stand By Me ) by Ben E King.. it’s those little things that make me look to the Left look to the Right as i see there is no one there By-Me.. but i’m fine were it’s realistic and now feel more enlightened of the situation.

Change Is Appropriate.

So back to my original post – yes it was appropriate to finish the day on this feeling on such a great day and why not ( A Change Is As Good As A Dollar ) Iv’e gained 6 months experience to go one step further with my blogs or post’s with this it all so comes down to the people on here with different suggestions mentioned to me and the reading of blogs put up.

On account of this i decided to change my format with the page’s to make it more enticing with the general appeal with each post or blog, i have got to revise that what i like might not be every ones appeal.

One thing you learn when you get to the adult age of 60.. yah learn to be yourself don’t be overawe with judgemental thoughts and get yourself worked up to enchant. So for me it was time to change the format and my concept of writing my blogs, with just being me one thing i’m learning is.. How to be a better Me and be me no one else.. To finish of i love my new format, it’s finished the day on a great note.


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