The Medicine To A Smile & A Great Laugh.

Being with this little guy every day always puts a smile on my face or tears of laughter, i look forward in getting home just to see that happy face as i walk in from work.. Kado and Toots ( my daughter ) all ways make the house so happy.

Its true laughter and a great smile is such a strong cure of medicine. It draws people together in ways that trigger a healthier physical and emotional changes to your body. Through a good laugh on a daily base can strengthen your immune system, boost your moods, diminishes any pain you’re carrying with the protection of any damaging effects of stress.

As i sat outside the Dome today in-between writing, washing, cleaning and shopping i noticed people walking past as if they were carrying the whole world on their shoulders.. i really can’t say much as iv’e been there.. but i all ways looked at things with a laugh or a smile knowing im better off than some people.

To me a good laugh has a great short-term effects. When you start to laugh it just lightens any stress mentally i was feeling for the day. Today as people were walking past it put a smile on my face as they walked past haven a laugh with their companion they were with.. or just a smile followed by a hello and a short word of wisdom… have a good day. Made me feel good in myself with relief of any stress i might have coming on Hahaha Lol.

Laughter raises the mood:

It’s the fastest way to create a positive state of mind, you should be greedy and want more, and the greatest thing with a smile and a good laugh they don’t cost anything, nothing at all not a cent.. yet it is with the greatest of health benefits for you.

Life Is So Much Better When Your Laughing.



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  1. A nice reminder Paulie. A good way to start my Monday
    By the way…I think I’ve worked out how to comment on WordPress🤣


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