Just An Update.

The Keto Program.

Mmm what’s not to like Chicken, Asparagus, Celery, Mushroom, Silverbeet with Avocado..

I make this bowl up and put into several containers, into the freezer for work ( lunch ) Mmm Strawberry, Cranberry, Blueberry, Apple and Blackberry.. with a couple small pieces of rockmelon to give it a variation of fruit.

Stay home lunch.. most fruit named up above mixed well .. love it.

I showed and surfed the internet looking for low carb and a healthy bread.. and there it is just down the road for me ALDI low carb bread 85% low carb Excellent.. love it.

The variations of different meals through out the week.. Mmm good program.

So week 1 & 2 going really well.. i’m going to weigh myself once a fortnight and that way gives me a chance to be honest with my self and i don’t get rejected if i weigh in weekly and don’t lose any.

The Keto Program

Is Excellent Needs some organising and a structure put in front of yourself, again it’s not every one’s program but me personally.. ( Love It ) the next phase for me is cutting down my potions.. and get back into the gym on my days off.


2 responses to “Just An Update.”

  1. I love it that your enjoying all the great food you can have on Keto.
    If you want to reduce portion size, try increase your healthy fats and reduce the amount of fruit…..sounds weird but fats such as avocado, olive oil, butter, nuts, chia seeds (make pudding), cream. With these foods you don’t need such a large portion size as they are very filling. Where fruit is high in sugars ( even though they’re natural, still gotta watch them) and they will spike your insulin levels witch then come crashing down leaving you feeling hungry.

    Want to try and experiment? Read the link and see what you think. I’ve done it and amazingly managed to fast for 3 days without loosing my mind to hunger pains.

    Good luck Paulie

    • thanks Josie and yes ill have a good look at it tonight after work and yes thank u so much for your support say hello to little Kurty for me have a good one guys.
      #Lifeat60… Paul.. Mags Lol

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