Just An Easy Formality = Happiness.

Today stunning weather is upon us compared to the last week.. Mmm this bring’s and idea of an object created in my mind as i look in the corner of the room at the washing basket that has no movement what’s so ever but there is a meaning behind it.

So a quick coffee, now its cream and a tea spoon of honey better for ya and i must admit enjoy the coffee as a refreshing start to the day.

Chores Of House Duties

I’m astonished that the weather can bring the simplest things as the daily chores enjoyable.. Mmm sounds like i’m a clean freak.. No.. so id say it’s pleasant to be able to do a few things around the house.

How do i accomplish with a mood that i haven’t a problem in doing the tasks that are ahead of me.. Easy i bring out the magic.. turn on all round system to the speakers and on goes the music.. As i do my little significant task of chores which build up until the eye glide’s through the necessary vision of command in doing my domestic’s off life.. Lol.

As i walk through the house stepping out side getting a quick whiff of a stunning day, looking over to my left i notice my little buddy enjoying the day with a face of relaxation and very contempt.. i notice another chore badly needed.. ( Land Minds ) the size of a cow taking a brisk walk through the paddock, do as they do eat and release Mmm the mountain of a dog brings massive land minds Ahaha it’s funny how the two boys are never around to accomplish such a duty.

As i resumed to the house chores, got the wood box and set the fire ready to light up for tonight, i just stop for the second looked over to my daughter that keeps the house so clean through out the week it’s a good feeling coming home every day knowing the house has the welcome warmth of Happiness and all ways clean.. She gives me the smile of thank you with the pleasant look of chores done.

Well Done Toots.



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