Do We Have Climate Change? Mmm..

Perth is enduring the wettest June since 2005 after most corners of the city recorded 60 millimetres of rainfall under 24 hours.

Now i’m not sure i could be only sub missing but i sort of remember when i was a young fellow winter was winter and yes it rained and rained with some coldness in the air. But as i get older is the weather changing like i am in all different proportions Haha Lol.

I have noticed our winter are later and shorter as the years go on, our summers are long but seem not as hot like they were, i mean years ago we would be in high 30s and 40 for a month to 6 weeks straight.. now we get 2 or 3 days and then it backs right off. It’s a subject all over the world and every government through out the world all have the same sentence… we do not have any climate problems.

This year 2019 America on March the third a significant severe weather event that effected the Southeastern United States in the course of 6 hours 44 Tornadoes touched down across Alabama,Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. There has been only 935 Tornado’s this year so far they had recorded 55 in one day over the States.. Mmm just because we are getting more every year and they’re spreading out across more of our states.. there is defiantly no worries of a climate change.

The most interesting one is the Antartica and Greenland over the years are they melting away.. by recording of world scientist believe Greenland and the Antartica are melting with accelerating speed through temperature rises are forming large lakes on the surface of the ice through Greenland. Antartica is believed to be creating a projection of sea level rise through the turn of the century.. but right now with our plant is getting warmer the towering ice cliffs are shrinking with eventually falling over like dominoes.

As i sit hear listening to the Stones looking out the window off another cold winter day knowing there is more to come which is good for our dams as we do really need it as were pretty low for water as a major city.. Im in ore knowing i’m not a meteorologist just a 60 year old that has noticed a major shift in our weather patterns, with this it amazes me i’m on 35.000 a year and my politician on 300.000 can quiet calmly say we have not got a problem with climate change in Australia or through out the world, so he would no better than any scientist or meteorologist thats why i vote for him because he all ways tells the truth.

The great thing is i know when i’m dead and buried which is just around the bend which is better than a corner Hahaha that my grandson and his generation of kids growing into our beautiful world will never have the problem off climate change, as our world body of government have worked so hard to make sure that this docent occur for the generation’s of our future.


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