Music = Life

Is there a connection between music, health, happiness, laughter, tears with song and dance and of a touch of love can = life.

I believe there is music has been a huge part of my life in so many different ways, as for one every post i put up i do it with my music playing, the music i play is the mood and seriousness i write and how i write the post.

Can music make every thing better ? It brings people together, and reminds them what a gift it is to be alive and breathing.. now some would say thats pretty in depth but it does have so many variations to our lives in some way, with your moods on the day, if you want to just relax and read a good book or just wandering around the house it can play a roll in every day.. a particular song on the way to work brings a smile of that 1 memory you have, that same song can get to you by lightly singing along with it stuck in peak hour traffic which is better than getting stressed and recking your day work can do that on it’s own Lol.

Music is a language of so many emotions in that it can represent different feeling and barge into the soul with no boundaries or limitations. People can be challenged with the fact that no one understands or really know how they feel so we turn to music.

Is Music the pursuit of Happiness ? No i don’t think it is as in… with out music are you a sad person all your life i’m not a 100% but id say not.. but it can be a big part of the way we feel in ourselves or the cycle of life your going through at the time.

Through science and study of music with our personalities, moods, or the way we see the perspective of life it’ is believed to improve Memory, Attention, Physical coordination and Mental development.. The classical music stimulates the regeneration of brain cells.

Now certain music can improve the Mood, Intelligence, Motivation and Concentration… Lol i better listen to more music Hahaha… It can also improve the quality of life and aids in Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, and Social needs… Have you ever thought why shopping centres have music on all the time and relaxing music as through study it is believed that it makes you pull your wallet out and your in the mood for spending… Gyms or fitness training centres believe by playing good fast beat music it makes you train harder as your brain and body is with the rhythm of the music.. Restaurants like to play soft music for the enjoyment of relaxing with your friends, wife, lover with the mood of eating and chatting, Mmmm well these days texting to each other as we have forgot to know how to move our lips, the finger does the talking.

Music can be your escape to different rolls that come into your life, with emotions, of sadness, happiness, loss of a love one, meeting the new love of your life… Mmmm maybe i need a new song Hahaha… haven a few drinks with your friends, doing choirs around the house i know in my self i listen to music cooking, gardening, doing my washing, take my blue tooth speaker in the shower when haven a shave and i want to take that longer shower than usual, on my walks, rides or all ways got it on in the car…

Yes music can play so many rolls in our lives in so many ways it can lift the soul for what mood we perches on the day, and yes it can make you sad, emotional, feel good more than any thing feeling happy with in your self.

Life = Music… It can play so many parts of our lives for better or worse Music = Life.


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