O Me .. O my ..

What does that mean in the english language ? .. Not to much to the average person at all .. but to me it’s been that sort of week… Yes of a week were i haven’t gone to FB not that i do so much as the endless shit and for what ever off people that mock you for haven an opinion.. Just breezed past Twitter… And Instagram has turned into page 3 off the english paper The Sun of Boobs not that i don’t like Boobs love Boobs but no good to me at the moment Hahaha.

So what is this point… well its been that week.. off bills come in.. i just open to easy ill pay them.. have work tomorrow excellent.. been really good on the Keto program Jose excellent.. Toilet schedules have changed dramatically since been on the program, part of the change in your system.. iv’e been told were to go several times on work sites with traffic management.. Not a problem mate.. Follow the kids around the house turning off lights as they walk out of a room.. Getting a sore finger Lol.

It’s just been a week were i look and have such different philosophy on things.. This week i joined a dating site well last Friday to be precise any way i wrote the usual.. I’m just your average fat guy looking for love etc etc and you know i’m a great person and very loveable Lol..

Well O Me O My Mmmm i turned into a Sex Therapist.. Had this young couple asking if id be interested doing it why husband watched… i re looked at my add Mmmm can’t see were i wrote that.. so i had a chat to them direct and said you really should think before you follow up with your request Lol and a few other things… they said thank you sorry for requesting such a thing with you.. I felt good as they rang me during the week and thanked me for making them think and not following through with it… I felt really good and i didn’t seem to flinch just let this go as O Me O My.. Lol

So what has changed besides my sense of humour is getting better.. I just look at my situations and understand that it will take time.. I have to remember i was out of work for nearly a full year and sure depts seem to grow and life is hard as you go to the food bank with your $50.00 voucher… the Salvation Army pay my mobile phone bills, with the understanding that in these days of society age is a burden to the work force.

With so many more things, but i have just come to the point why should i stress why should i get grey’er Mmmm is there such a word ? why should i let my self go because i’m so lonely in the heart.. when i could be dead tomorrow Mmmm i don’t want to but it’s life and right at this moment i want to enjoy my life, love my life, be happy in my life..

So fuck it.. i certainly won’t be foolish and think i just don’t pay bills or what ever comes to me with the thought of Stress and worries that comes with it.. Just looking at different approaches to the suitations of every day in my life.. In the situations as we all sometimes feel… Same Day, Same Channel, Different time… I know it’s life and what comes with it i’m just looking of ways to enjoy those parts of life and going forward with the understanding my philosophy in what i want in my life.

O Me O My if it happens it happens but look at enjoying the ride as it does.


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