Seven Challenges To Change Your Life.. P.2

Create challenges in your life.

Do you ever have a time in life were you feel you have become stale like not moving or not happy, or more than any thing looking at how we can progress in life, to this there comes a time we have to make choices and challenges in life.

Do i do this to impress my friends, family, people we know or do i just do that it’s for me and make changes to better me, with this thought out of my amazing head i need to throw challenges in front of me with learning to stay focus on the challenges iv’e made.

If i could pick one or two habits or several and made them a challenge that would and make the most impact of my life – what would they be ? So i have asked the question of myself and it’s an interesting one if i say so, but through this is the most important part of the challenge which we all go through in life some time is staying focus and finishing each challenge, it’s like the new year resolution we all say i’m going to do this and do that with me it usually last till i wake up with a hangover and Mmmm i must have been pissed when i made that one Lol.

Learn to love your life.

There are two ladies i like to read with there potery or on there lives, i like to read all the blogs as there are so many that are well written and have meaning in so many ways with life but Anjali & Manuela give me little inputs towards me, one is learning to love life and learning to love me with i find hard sometimes. One to love one of them selves i find hard when the mirror tells me their is not to much to love Lol or should i say there is far too much to love Haha.

Don’t dwell on it do something about it.

Through my two little buddies that came into see me Friday and looked so well and healthy, again this is a great change i did for around 6 weeks with changes being seeing in the body shape, The Keto Diet.. 5 days and going well one of the reasons is that i actually like this diet program, as it teaches to take it all the way in life eat and be healthy, and my two little mates from Geelong showed me it works and works well.

Focus on a Goal.

We all have goals in life.. one off mine is to be better in the wallet do i want to be rich Mmmm id have to say i do like the idea of being filthy rich, but really the reality for me is just to be better off were i can live, pay bills, do a few things and it’s not the biggest stress in my i need to focus in setting up little piggy bank to be comfortable thats a start.

Develop positive thinking.

i believe it’s the keystone habit that will help create and form the other important habits. Positive thinking on it’s own won’t lead to success, but it sure helps in a long way to motivate you to do other things that are required.

If we think negative thoughts it makes it really hard to gain success and you will never believe in your self as that negative all ways follows you, it’s a part of our mind that docent leave as a part of your creation in life. Keep focus on your goal and the challenge that you have put in front off you.. Focus that you will accomplish the challenge and be successful with it.


It’s the hardest one as you get older Lol Mmmm i making excuses fuck i hate it when i put a reason why i can’t do something.. well this is a challenge from were i can make it a Habit but a good one to create as it’s doing my body and health so good for the better, a great change is to change the shape of the body, and then you get to love yourself better as the positives click in better, it’s amazing if you enjoy what you feel and what you see your positivity goes up a notch in life.

Focus on one challenge at a time.

How many of us put challenges in front of us and try to be successful at 20 in all off one hit and can’t understand why we aren’t successful with them, we all have done in sometime of our lives.

As iv’e learnt in life one challenge at a time focus on that with the enjoyment of completing it. Focusing on one goal at a time is the most powerful way of achieving your goals, by doing this your energy and focus are the two most critical components for achieving a goal.

Elimante non essentials.

First identify the most essential – what you find is the most important to you, that you want, that can be your success, that you love, then eliminate every thing else. This can simplify things and leaves your mind to focus on essentials, a teacher at the college believed that through this process it works with any thing with your life in general with your study, work projects, life projects and task in life.. To change just simplify to focus what’s important for your life.

Create your daily routine.

Create a daily routine but one that is not a choir but one that you want to do and enjoy with what you are doing, so your routine starts the way you wake up, work, after work, and your evening’s.. So what i have to learn is to make it simple create a daily routine for myself that can make a big difference to my life.

How do i make this work.

  1. Focus on one challenge at a time to make it be successful.
  2. Do a 30 day challenge.
  3. Write it out on paper, along with my motivations, obstacles, strategies for overcoming them.
  4. Commit fully, in a public way.
  5. Log in your progress.
  6. Be publicly accountable – report on your progress each day
  7. Make sure i have support for when i falter, on line and real life.
  8. Reward my self for every little success.
  9. If i fail, figure out what i did wrong, plan for it and try again.

The most important.

Make the challenges doable, enjoy the challenges, except it going to be hard but there are rewards at the end of each one, the most important for me is to focus and believe i can achieve each challenge to reach my own personal goals.


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