SEVEN..Challenges To Change Your Life.. P.1

Do we challenge ourselves to change our lives.

When i was to think about the amount of changes that have been through my life, i could say there has been a few Lol.. But the changes have been made for me or iv’e made them on behalf of myself.

We all know we make many changes in growing up from the day we’re born, of course we as babies, through being a child into a teen which we start to notice the changes we create for ourselves. This is through fashion, hair styles, clothes, choices of friends, the music we listen to. Growing up in through the sixties we made choices of names that created groups to be a part of such as, Rockers, Bikes, Skinheads, Hippies, Trendy, Punks to name a few, me Surfer the blond bronzed guy chasing waves, women, parties, creating a collection of music, and working.. all ways worked as it cost money driving chasing waves Lol.

life changes we make.

In through my teens tried several jobs from labouring an apprenticeship of cabinet making which didn’t work as the company i worked for thought a good apprentice was of one that swept the floor and cleaned up for his first 18 months of his apprenticeship, had enough and finished it. From there went back to college and got a diploma in photography which i didn’t use for years to come as by accident i was a barmen part time to earn some money and pay my way through life. In doing that i was offered a position as a Bar Manger then progressed to Hotel Manger by the time i was early twenties.

I loved being and working with people of all ages and that’s what made this position for me so comfortable. The opportunity of running a hotel had so many avenues as a career, creating restaurants for families, tourist that come to stay, making the bars a place that the customer men or women wanted to be a part of.. The thing i really loved was getting into booking bands for entertainment through this i managed some of the biggest hotels in Perth for entertainment and got to know the musicians of the bands as friends.

Some years past working as a Hotel Manger, met my wife to be after testing many before hand Hahaha Life was good, i thought it’s time to try and settle a bit, even though i worked long and hard hours i believed i needed an interest, so i kept my football and surfing up and liked the idea of being healthy looking fit and well.

Life changes that are made.

As Maree and i concentrated on our career’s, traveled around Australia, brought our first house, started our little family life changed for the better loved being a dad and watching my little kids grow.. changed career as a sports photographer my dream and life was falling into place, a great job, loved my lady and kids Mmmm all was good.

But as time goes on we sometimes grow different ways, 20 years of the greatest of memories and happiness comes to an end, again life changes the kids stay with me which wasn’t a problem it was certainly a challenge one of my biggest, can i say i was good with it sometimes Nah, Can i say i was a good dad, made decisions that were good and not too good Lol.. a part of learning. With this come many changes with work all ways brought money into the house that was the main thing my kids were looked after.

It’s time again, Lol.. Mmm i intrigue me Lol.

I could go on and on but I’ll keep that for my book as i have so many chapters in my life, from living in Denmark giving the kids the chance to grow up as kids and do different things in life that they might not have experienced in the city, different career choices in which I’m doing now as in the field of Traffic Management.

I have a mentor on learning to write from America by the name of Jerry Jenkins, as it’s a field that iv’e all ways wanted to learn and give it a try sometime in my life to write, learning to blog meeting new people from all over the world through it, id say the biggest change for me is learning to understand me asking myself so many questions of my life were it’s going and what its done, and now i’m going to make another change to my life..

A challenge to create a better me for the changes that are be coming in front of me through the creation of a decision that is being made for the better.


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