Keto = PodCast. = Excellent.

Two of my good friends Josie & Kurt come into WA last week i caught up with them Friday, we spoke of a number of things as we haven’t seen each other for sometime, a part of the chat over a time was the diet program The Ketogenic Diet or commonly known as The Keto Diet.

Got me really intrigued as they looked so healthy and well, so through out the weekend we spoke of the Keto Diet, Josie suggested a lot of things and different menus to cook from, what i can eat and and can’t eat through the program. If we remember i spoke and started of the Keto program and was going well Mmm i mentioned today about the art of being focused on my post it’s one i need to work on as i was starting to see a change and feel better for it, Lol moral of the story lost focus on the program, don’t know why but yea.

Josie made a suggestion of listening to a Podcast that explained the Keto program.

It’s called 2 Keto Dudes – Ketogenic Lifestyle Podcast.

Carl Carrie & Richard an Aussie = They talk about the Science of the Keto Diet and what it does for your body in the good and a little bit of bad, its a really good podcast explains every thing in pretty simple language which is good. They also have a web page with about them and the program, the science off it, Keto recipes, fan club which i joined, swag selling of shirts and coffee cups and much more, i have gone to iTunes and have the podcast on apple which is excellent if needed to read up on it i just go on google.

At the moment there up to episode 174 i have listened to 1 and at the moment i’m up to 27 and listen to others as well.. Id say there would be plenty of Podcast on the Keto Diet but i like this one it’s simply put across and easy to follow… thank you Josie and Kurt for such great information with the concept of learning more on the science of the Keto Diet.


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