A Friend Is Really A Friend.

One smile, can start a friendship.

One word, can end a fight.

One look, can save a relationship

One person can change your Life.

Friendship is a part of our life that can mean true meaning to someone that can mean the value as a friend. Again it’s this sixty thing a word or a paragraph can mean so much to me with the thought of life, what it means, what it can do for me, how i except it, the understanding of it.

I have friends that find my Rd agreeable, love my personality with the carrie of the up’s and down’s, flow with the experiences of my life, be by my side when times are hard, can be forgiving, through this we carrie great memories of the days and nights of many years being together a bond that will last forever.

For this is the meaning of true friendship, and that is a hard one to find with too days world as we loose that meaning sometimes by concentrating on our own journeys of life. Our friends can be the most survival value in our lives, this can all so be our longest survival part of our journey.


I met this little guy when i was a going through the power days of my mid twenties, he was just a shy quiet young kid doing an apprenticeship and really hadn’t tasted the outside of his front door. Kurt was going with Maree’s younger sister at the time, even though there is 10 years between us we grew this bond of friendship for over 35 years, been through the great times, the bad times, birth of our kids his three boys and my daughter and son are best of mates, been there for each other through sickness, divorces, and new relationships well two out of three is good odds, ( Kurts new relationship Lol ) Haha.

They say that there is some one in every one’s life that can be that special and true love for the rest of your life. Kurt met that lady Josie fifteen years ago who has been the great part of his journey and we have built a great friendship of three, love it. I don’t see Josie and Kurt much as they live on the other side of Australia, but the two of them walked into my front door Friday with the biggest smiles and hugs that made my day. We might not see or keep in touch with each other like we did but i know when we do it means so much to the three of us with the our bond of true friendship, that will always be there.

Here’s to the days & months that turned into years with you guys as true Friends.


4 responses to “A Friend Is Really A Friend.”

  1. Oh Paulie….that definitely brought a tear to our eyes! Such beautiful words which mean the world to both of us. Hope you come over….if not for work then maybe for a visit?! Your bed is ready. 😍 Love you xxx

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