The True Meaning Of The Word… Loser.

The Definition of Loser.

I watched an interesting documentary on people that are down & out, living on the streets, finical problems to be more straight things weren’t going well for them in life. So what is the Definition of a Loser.

A loser is of those who lack confidence are more prone to make mistakes, and cherry pick the evidence to focus on the failure. The word loser is used by one person to describe another and that can be, they might not be working at the top of the chain in their position of employment, or it can be they don’t meet the criteria or live up to the standard of what people believe that makes sense to them.

  1. If people refer to someone as a loser that might mean they have low opinion of them because they think they’re all ways unsuccessful.
  2. In terms of Loser means a lot in sports, contest or struggle are people that could be defeated or beaten.
  3. Is that people who are losers as the result of an action or event they might have done or been involved with, that has them in a worst situation because of it or don’t benefit at all from it.

Losers Always Have An Excuse, Winner’s Always Find A Way.

That is a term i have used as a sports coach through my 30 years of coaching, and one i have put up on my wall in the office to remind me that there is a way to better myself. Does that mean i class my self as a loser i have tried and done some things in life, a few have been successful and done really well with them and some ok, but i feel if i could do it again through the mistakes i mad the level would be so much higher and a lot more successful.

It could be true there is a little bit of loser in all of us, it’s the way we except it and improve it which can bring the best out in all of us, i myself have had several different up’s and down’s in life, divorced, depression, bankrupt, struggling with loneness at this moment of life, my kids live with me, struggling at an age were i should be really enjoying life, does that make me a fucking loser… I say in that term of speech as i know there are some people that look at me in those terms of life as a loser.

Eventually There Comes A Time In Life When You Fail.

It’s such a sad word. ( Loser ) and it can have so much meaning to it nastiness with some power behind the word that can hurt. I look at a lot of things in life, read poetry, understand the meaning of philosophy in different terms of life, look at life its self so different now as i get older.

If i was to sit down and look at my life were it’s now id say not the best in what i want, it’s what i want and were i want to be with my life… what people or friends think i can’t stop them from thinking that Mags is in a bad way ( me ) he’s a bit of a loser.. if any one thinks that good luck to them and fuck them who needs acquaintance’s in life that feel there better than me.

Yes i need to fix problems in life, but i know that and are working on it not just giving up been down and out before and bounced back it’s another chapter to my life, i have two beautiful kids that love me truly, a great grandson, many good friends, work could be more off, the happiness on the outside is the thing that gives me freshness to life, its’s me in the inside that is being worked on… Does that make me a Loser.. I don’t think so.

Many people have come and left, and it has been good because they emptied some space for better people.

Iv’e gone forward, iv’e gone backwards in life… Iv’e been Up there, iv’e been down there.

Ther’e is the best thing in my life i’m creating another chapter to my life, haven’t a problem as there are a few more to be written. As A Loser Hahaha far from it, just learning all the time of… LIFE… Lol.



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