Short and sharp, i woke up today felt a bit down and out don’t know why Mmmm i do suppose it’s because i’m not working at the moment that wouldn’t help but yes main reason, and i was dreaming that my loneness got stronger, no friends no family just me and my little mate Odo Hahaha it starting to play with my mind..Lol.

He is certainly my most loyal little mate, all ways reckon’s I’m the best Lol.

Dallas gets a phone call an i hear the words no worries my bro were there, Mmmm it’s all ways a wonder when he saids that, so he comes into the office hey Mags ( that’s me ) were going to be models Wado you and me, the questioned hat to be asked what sort of models, Mmmm could it be art models does that mean i have to get nude Hahaha, clothes model Lol 2 out off 3 in fatness come’s into my great mind.

Nah bro hair models, a group of apprentices need models so they get marked for their apprenticeship, too easy so off we went into North Bridge which is the home of cafes there every were, we have china street and many more brilliant food restaurants and bars with entertainment through there.

We get in there walk through a food lane full of small take a way bars, and up some stairs all of a sudden were in this huge hair salon one of three it’s were they do their apprenticeships so apprentices of all ages are cutting or walking around, i was introduced to Anna the lady in charge, thanked us for coming in to be models.

It was excellent really well looked after and made sure we were happy. This is what i really needed to give me a bit of a lift and make my day feel better it was so good.. we are going in every 4 weeks now Hahaha the great thing was $5.00 for a professional hair cut, we are now booked in as regular models… Lol I all ways wanted to be a model.. all jokes a side this is what i really needed today Thanks Reece for letting us guys know, it’s amazing now i know why women go to there local hair salon if there feeling a bit down and come back feeling so good Lol men too Me especially Haha.


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