10 Steps To Self Care.

Again do i believe i’m a self guru, do i believe i’m a healer, do i believe i’m all ways right with my philosophies… No far from it seriously if i was id be far fucking better in life that i am now and thats being honest, but what i am learning is different things that do help me through my life.

I find a bush walk is so relaxing for the mind, just takes me into a world of tranquility for that short time.

Does it mean it works for every body… No it does not work for every one.. it’s like certain diets, or methods with different things work for some people and not for others.. these are just things i try and do through my life and it works for me.

10 Steps To Self Care.

  1. If It Feels Wrong, Don’t Do It.
  2. Say “Exactly” What You Mean.
  3. Don’t Be A People Pleaser.
  4. Trust Your Instincts.
  5. Never Speak Bad About Yourself.
  6. Never Give Up Your Dream.
  7. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No.
  8. Be Kind To Yourself.
  9. Let Go Of What You Cant Control.
  10. Stay Away From Drama And Negativity.

It’s funny you know these are ( Steps ) that i have learned over 60 years of my experiences in life, they weren’t put together the day i was born i can tell yah i have learnt through my mistakes with in my life, mistakes i might’ve said i’m not doing that again but have. Ive learnt that our self potential lies between what is and what could be, through this, i as me have learnt 10 basic steps in life.

You Know we all have or are doing at least 2 or 3 out of those 10 steps at some time in our life… Don’t be afraid to say no… i dislike that one especially as i would think i’m going to hurt them more by saying No.. but i worked it out, i truely love my kids but i say No quiet a lot to them even now ill say no it’s not happening.. Lol.

How many off us do things or say something which you wouldn’t really do or say quotes with agreeing to please someone or a group of friends so you could fit in or be a part of that group, Don’t control what you can’t in the first place let it go let it be someone else’s problem, and be careful and think before you say what you exactly.. what you mean.. if i was to really think of it in an honest way I’ve done most of them a few times in 60 years, the one’s i struggle with and still are working on them as i’m my biggest cricked which is ( Be kind to yourself & Never speak bad about yourself ) thats two i keep and have worked with for so long at least 20 years Hahaha Lol, but it’s one’s that will get better, i believe you get wiser and smarter as you get older, Mmmm i should have it tuned by the time i turn 80. Lol.


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