Loneliness Is It A Reality.

Being alone with your feelings is the worst because you have nowhere to run.

They’re here, dancing in your mind and all you can do is try to handle it.

Is it true it would be to easy to say that i’m invisible, instead i feel painfully visible, and entirely ignored as i don’t talk to any one about it., i’m not going to talk to my kids about it as there my kids i feel i need some privacy as i’m the dad.. Lol.

Loneliness is my least favourite thing in my life, the thing i do worry about is being alone with out any body to care for or someone who cares for me. Yes i do have my kids, grandson, family and friends so why would i feel so alone.

Do i feel i’m not alone because loneliness is all ways with me, i don’t show it to any body at all it’s when i get in my room of as i call it space my space, and this is my way off talking about, at the end off the day i’m not hurting anyone, what im doing is expressing my thoughts of my emotions as this for me is a good way to be open, and to be honest i haven’t got the money to book into a councillor Hahaha Lol.

That quote is something i believe i’m falling into as now i have a lady at work and the store were i shop paying me attention, like i feel they want too, but are they just nice women that are very friendly and happy and i’m taking or wanting it in a different way Mmmm Lol.

That is so true when i’m alone i think and think and think, it’s not all bad it’s not were i should finish my life, but it is were i am at 60 years of age and which way i’m going, certainly right now, is better as it is up and down were 12 months is was spiralling down, but there is the thought of knowing the time i feel alone is the time i most need to be myself, be the person i am and to work on this subject of which i’m fighting to understand in my life is being vulnerable to loneliness, i feel it will change when i put myself in the right places to be noticed were it could change, i need to understand and work with what i have in my life me with the understanding that it’s not for a life time, be positive, and just be me.


3 responses to “Loneliness Is It A Reality.”

  1. I seem to always be alone. My son and I are very close but he in 20 and has his own life. I think I am a nice, intelligent and physical fit person. I am 53 and I so scared to be alone forever but just as scared to end up with someone just because I don’t want to be alone. Life is too short to be with someone who is not “the one” but life should be fun and that’s so hard alone. Good luck on your journey I hope you find happiness!

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