As I Drive Am I Overthinking.

I think a lot as well as concentrate on the road Lol, but especially when i go 20 minutes from home up in the hills i really do think of certain things with my life, family, friends, what i need to do over the week, maybe a thought of a certain thing that happened days, months, or even years ago.

My thoughts at the moment are, this lady iv’e met why shopping we have been chatting away for some time now when i go in the store. One of the things i do think about is.

There will always be a reason why you meet people, either i need to change my life or ill change theirs, well id say she is changing mine a bit now, i’m taking more notice of her features, her stunning smile that is so heart warming and the eyes that just talk to you with out her saying a word, but more than any thing she is interested in me.

The question’s that i ask is it just me because i’m looking for friendship or more, is it i wish i had a second chance to meet someone or am i just reminiscing that she feels a bit towards me, i mean now we are chatting on line and exchanged phone number over the last few days, and seem to be getting on quiet well and enjoying the time chatting together.

Overthinking is parasitic. It’s Viral.

Its deadly even.

Letting your self fall victim to overthinking docent just kill your happiness, it can destroy who you are.

The mind is a beautiful and complex thing, and the only person who can hurt it is yourself.

To say i’m not sure or i’m confused would be an understatement, i got no idea why i think and way up so many things before it happens, is it the lack of confidence, is it i believe it’s good because i want it to, or i’m just over kill on my thoughts and what i would like to happen in life, o well what ever happens / happens… right this moment i’m off to the hills again cutting and chopping for fire wood, i can see some overthinking on the way Lol.


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