A Day On The Road.

There are some jobs you do and think is this safe, is there any danger in this position of work. Well i’m learning that yes this work were you do put your life on the line.. I mean i don’t jump out in front of on coming traffic an say stop fucker.

But i believe that there are a majority of people that got no idea of how to drive seriously, does that mean i’m the driver off the year no certainly not, with saying this i’m not one in putting some ones life on jeopardy no way… my thought in life id like to go home in one piece why not the person in front, side, behind want to do the same thing.

My job is too look after the truck and workers ahead, letting them know with the on coming traffic, the size of the load, if a vehicle is travelling to close to the Emergency Lane, coming in behind and much more i need to make them safe, i was thinking to day who is looking after me.. good question Lol.. one good thing is it’s a job Hahaha.



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