My Theory.

Haha this is coming from a man that has not been or experienced Love for twenty years, but in the last 2 days as I’ve worked in the ute being the spotter for the TCM in front of me 200 meters down the road, i went to deep thought of one word that has astounded me or confused me, or just i really have no idea.. I like that one because i really don’t but my THEORY Is something that i really believe in, i think i’m not sure Lol.

That Word Is.. Love.

I would believe and hear that there are so many Theories that attempt to explain what love is, and what function it serves. If someone was to sit me down and explain it to me would they find it hard as i would feel like a hypothetical person in one way as it been so long, i would find love so strange it’s not because i don’t believe that it happens, i see with my daughter she just love’s her husband he does no wrong.. we all have our theory on that one Hahaha Lol.

Then there is the psychological theories which does make the mind and body to be a very healthy behaviour being in and knowing you’re in love, or it can be described or defined as an expansion of the heart towards another human being.

Love is intense feeling of deep affection, love is what one feels, love should be seen not as a feeling but as an enacted emotion. I ask the question is Love A Choice more than a feeling. Most of us tend to focus on falling in love and use that feeling through the duration of a relationship. They say falling in love is easy to do, all most effortless, Mmmm i hear and have read that Love is the beauty of the soul.

My theory is i know what it means and yes i can say very comfortable that once upon a time i believed i loved my 2 children’s mother very much so, but since the divorce and being on my own for 20 years, do i believe i can love again, do i mis that very powerful four letter word that is all through out every culture in the world, i’m not desperate for a relationship but do miss the feeling of having someone that can make me smile and feel appreciated, someone that looks past my defects and loves me for who i am.

At the end of the day id say in theory i do miss being with a special lady that can be a part off my life, and yes with just having some one that listens to my stories docent matter how good or dull they are and i can make there life a very good and happy one.

There is this saying.. you will meet someone as there is someone out there for every one… Hahaha MMM i do believe in love and what it stands for and with what it can do for so many people through out the world, i’m not sure with me, my theory one day.


2 responses to “My Theory.”

  1. I think you can find love at any age. My husband and I met when he was 55. He’d been divorced for 25 years and was accustomed to living on his own. Now, we’ve been married for 26 years, and are still comfortably in love. I believe there are many people out there for each of us to love. Best to you.

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