The Philoshopy Of Life

In chatting with a couple of friends over a coffee we got into a deep meaning conversation on different things, one was life and the changes we have experienced with ours.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were.

I personally thought what a great question I ask I mean every year I’m reminded of my up an coming birthday through the kid’s, Dad how old are you this year with a grin and a laughter that follows Lol, Dad are you 58, 59 or 60 this year i forgot you know they exactly had known the date,day and month.. with this i havent the problem with my mates asking the dumb question you seem to hear more the older you get because most of them are older Hahaha.

So if I didn’t know my age every year in life as I try not to remember it too much Lol, how would life be pretty good i think as the way i muck around with the kids and Kado you would think his mid thirtys Haha and i’m certanly young at heart. I think because every year your constanly reminded it’s your birthday soon you look at life differently is it marturty or that you grow with knowledge, experience’s and understand the meaning of life.

A sense of freedom is something that comes with age & life experiences.

That too me is so honest and reliable even at my age now I make errors of judgement but it dosen’t cost me thousands, i make mistakes with buying things i dont need but little cost, i might say the wrong sentence every now and then but i’m on to it straight away with a sorry about that.

The benefits now is as I’m watching the young generations coming through with there lives, i have and have experienced what they are going through with the good, funny, sad, happy and might cost them money, or court with fines, the loss of friendship the gain of strong and true friends.. love that is the best off them all but the hardest for me at this age.. another story.

With what ever the experiences they are going through you learn through life and we do feel a sense of freedom because we have had and know those early life experiences and i except i’m learning a new life of experiences which add to mine and many people’s lives.. the good thing with this it’s not too bad if any thing it’s pretty good.

Is your best teacher your last mistake.

I believe it can be making a minor, small, medium, large or huge mistake is the best way to learn and that is not only with life it’s with family, friends, schooling, work, sports and just about every day living we make a mistake we know we dont make the same mistake again if we do it’s just been done in a different way.. same mistake different day.. Lol.. or we improve in that area were you made that mistake, by learning through doing it in the first place, even at the ripe age of 60 i make mistakes there ones i havent experienced only small ones, or i have experienced but many many years ago i get a sharp reminder if i do by.. O no ive done this before Lol.. what ever way we look at it.. YOUR LAST MISTAKE IS YOUR BEST TEACHER.

Men Are Like Wine.

Some turn to vinagar.

But the best improve with age.

My mates wife and her philosophy of men and age, we fit into the last one Haha.

I live in my own little world but it’s ok they know me.

We all come to the conclusion it is my own little world and yes I do know me better than any one else even my mum, but what i want to be is happy with this little world of mine, if i was to stand in front of the mirror and be honest id say i am but ( there is all ways that little but ) me personaly missing a couple of things in my life the big one to me is Love.. It will happen Mmmmm so will loto Lol.


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  1. You are right, for what you can do for yourself, nobody can do it. Moreover, when finding the real self-love we can love All, for everything starts from within where love is. Thank you for sharing!

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