Its A Joke.. Seriously.

It’s funny i went for interview 39 with in 13 months, yes number 39 is that a good number.. i remember 39 as a person the year before my forty i was at a very good level head and body, finically, physiological i say that because the head was pretty good you know if your head is at a good level then you can tune your body as well.

This is the way you get interviewed these days.

Back to the actual blog i was on too.. yes well i walked in to the main foyer and sitting in front of me was 14 other hopefuls on the same task as me to get a position to better your self and life. Twenty minutes long of waiting and we walked into a room listen to 45 minutes of the good and bad of the FIFO position, and then in come 3 other ladies to help with the interviews.

Is it just me i was the only guy there well in saying that the only man, i haven’t a problem with any one in there life of sex if the heterosexual, bisexual, gay, what ever but these two other guys the questions they were asking.. do we have to wear steel cap boots it might be hard on my feet.. really.. so i have to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts it gets so hot.. really.. but any way i was the last one to be interviewed 55 minutes later.. time i got in there the excitement of this had just gone, 3 hours and i suppose to be excited.. all the women went first and my two mates were in the mix well and truly before me.. To top things off one of the ladies interviewing saids Paul were just taking a break for a minute won’t be long.

Do i ask too much in life ? i don’t think so do i ask to little ? Mmmm maybe.. What i do ask for is when you go to and interview ask sensible mature questions.. not why do you feel you would be good for our company.. would be able to work 10 hours a day and why.. can you see yourself working as a team person.. Do you understand it’s hard work..

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, maybe i’m sick of kissing arse to get a job.. or is it because i don’t kiss arse, i sort of feel my philosophy is Be Me just be me.. do i see that as not the right philosophy… I know they rang all my personal references, getting the character reference of me, maybe they are being honest on my personalty and work ethic.

Ill just keep doing what i do and keep working on to get what i feel will be better for me.. Tonight i was looking in the mirror after getting out of the shower, besides seeing why i’m single and no women in this world looks at me twice.. the question is silent my lips don’t even move and it’s so loud and very clear and pacific with six easy words that for some reason tonight hit me a bit, is it because i’m single and desperately looking for love.. Hahaha Lol.. is it because you can see in front of you looking back at you is you and it’s not pretty, but this cover of this book is not lying, back to those six words after the long hard stare of realty.

Were Are You Going In Life….I don’t know between the joke of trying and what you have to do to get a head in life, between the start and getting to the interview if you get one, if you are pulled out of the hat it’s like trying to win loto.

The system of today is a JOKE i feel sorry for the kids of the future.



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