The Sudden Turn.

At 3 pm Perth time got an email from a company called Compass that do all the mining companies through out Australia.

NT Western Australia

Short story applied for a position with a company called ESS that do all the recruiting for all the mining companies through out Australia, with that i had the email today to fill in an induction and a question air did all that, then get another on my health as ya put 100% Lol, with in 5 minutes get a call to say i have an presentation of the company Compass and the interview straight after it on Thursday WoW.


With in 2 minutes of the phone call received a induction letter and my two hour program for Thursday with what i need to take in with me as, drivers licence, birth certificate i’m happy with that as they know my age an did so before the ball started rolling, ask if i’m excited about this ? i certainly am, i like the idea of 2 weeks on and 8 days off and the prospect which is happening to live down Denmark in 6 months.

Well Thursday is the day but i don’t know but feel really good and positive with the way things are moving.. just need number 3 if 1 an 2 come off Haha Haha Lol a lady to Love… i’m blushing Mmmm any way lets get number 2 settled 1 is done shifting to Denmark in 6 months.. number 2 in 2 days. I pray for this i need to bounce back or Mmmm Roll it would certainly help and turn around my life.


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