Why Wouldn’t You.

Denmark In W.A

The kids are suggesting that we move 540 Kms out of Perth to a beautiful coastal town called Denmark.

Stunning town of Australia.

I lived there for 8 years 14 years ago it’s certainly a very quiet life style but a good life style.

The coast is a picture of tranquility, fishing, surfing and great camping areas.. Just a great coast to walk and loose the pressure of life.

The Kids are saying.. dad we are just getting through in the city why not just get through in beautiful country and coastline. Good Point.

The good thing for me is i can get transfered by the company i work for Traffic Force as they have a company in Albany 50 Kms away.. Good Point.

I know a lot of people down there and still keep in touch with me, just with a few calls i all ready know i can get a house on a good piece of property, just something small 10 acres would be fine..Lol.

This could be my drive to work. Lol

There is a lot to think about, but in saying that i really don’t have much keeping me in the city.. family can come down any time and friends they will know were i live.

Why Wouldn’t Ya Think Seriously About It.

The Rd to Denmark Lol



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