Lost Is The Word For Today.

I say that because i am very lost at the moment, work is just not happening at the moment not because iv’e planned it that way it’s the way the program works with this company.

The company has over sixty people in the system, and through this trying to share what work they have between every one, i understand that but they don’t pay my bills or give me some money to live with.

This is the time of life in 2019.

I’m back to square one applying for work again and taking the rejections of the age thing with no reply or just no answer to my applications that i put through. To even make me feel at top of the world, i can not get any super out of my account as i was born a month to early with the legerslation Lol that crakes me.. and the bank are still laughing i don’t think iv’e ever seen any one laugh so hard with the question can i lend Lol. So id say the Gym is a good dream at the start night mare at the end.

Yes now in Australia the retirement age is 70… Joke of the century when your 45 an over there pushing retirement Lol.

When i put this all together id say i’m pretty well an truly lost, depressed Nnnaaa it’s a part of life that i now have to get use too and except the protocol thats in front of me.. but just keep believing and working on it and i do feel things will change even if i’m being optimistic Lol.

Time to go old man Mmmmm.


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