You Do What You Believe.

I believe in that quote even at the age of 60 Lol and why not, it’s the understanding of what you believe you can achieve in your life. If you have had failures in life do you keep taking the risk to achieve your goals.

I ask my self what are my goals in life, are they at ridiculous levels i’m trying to achieve, am i happy were i am with life, what is it you want to do with your life. So many questions but one of importance do i take life to serious, do i ask my self what is it you want, are my accomplishments enough to be content and happy..

Last night was a night of listening to my son, son an law there mates haven a big night they were harmless a bit loud and monotonous towards the end, my daughter looked after them and listened to the five hour near the end of the night jibber jabber that goes with it.. she is a good girl.

Me i listen to my thoughts and weighed up good and bad points as i listened to my sound system in the office of tranquilty were i adventure in to my life, don’t get me wrong it’s not what i live in, but do spend some time working on ways i can improve with different things, or do a lot of reading, and lately write blogs on my life.. To some of you it would be quite boring, but all good i’m honest and write from the heart.

This is were my heart and mind come into transaction, i want the opportunity to work and help people achieve their goals in which even though i’m a fat guy and need some work myself i understand the human body with working in the process and what it feels like to improve your health and mind in life, thats were my Heart comes into it ill do any thing and every thing to help people to achieve their goals in that area of life.

Now my mind comes into action it looks at the real side of this prospect, it ways up the wins and the failures through out life that you have all not have achieved.. Well today is another day but one with a bit of difference what is this i ask myself.. Hahaha it’s looking at a decision that could change my life for the better or worse.. What i’m doing is moving at a better pace weighing every thing as in the goods and bad for me not any one else for me.. The big question is am i going to be happy in what decision i make that is the question, and a good one at that Lol.

You can read all these quotes and take notice of them but what it comes down to the most important quote of them all.

Is You.. What You Do, An How You Do It.. Enjoy Doing It..Do It For You.


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