A Long Way To Go.

Tomorrow at 2.30 pm going to meet the owner with the gym, landlord, accountant and the lawyer, It’s not a battle just going over figures, leasing program, were i can look at in what i can do and can’t do, draughting up the contract to present to the bank with profit an loss over the last 2 years.

I have a company doing the research of the area with local competition see what’s strong how many gyms are in a 5 mile circle and what they offer, i know two of them are powerlifting and weightlifting and there about 4 miles away more city.

Location has to be a good point don’t want to go into an area were there all my age and up Hahaha nothing wrong with that but need a growing young suburb, the local business around the area if they can be of any investment to the gym.

There is a lot to go over the next few weeks i don’t want to sound like I’m jumping the gun but i’m starting a 2 year planner with the chance in following it up with 2 more, i don’t know if it’s right or wrong i certainly like to put a planner together as well as the major important issues to be done.

Would i say i’m nervous understatement for sure, do i want to get into dept it’s not a massive one but it’s a dept.. do i want the challenges, the headaches, worry, the usual business stuff Lol.. Id say Yes .. and can i handle it .. id say Yes.. shall i talk over with my wife or partner.. id say No as haven’t got either Phew that’s one pressure i don’t have to worry about Lol.

Is this an investment for the future

Will see.. the main thing is walking in tomorrow and getting that felling.

  1. Is this me.
  2. This doesn’t feel wright.
  3. Mmm i believe this can work.


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