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Blink & Life Changes – Again.. Is It For The Better Or Worse.

That has to be a great question i ask my self, and one i’m looking at seriously.

In the last two weeks i have had some offer’s were i seriously think about them.. One was becoming a life coach.. in doing so it was a two year course which is not a problem even though time is virtual to me Hahaha.. As i looked into it i was amazed at the price structure, amazed is not the word id say fall of the seat in really.. like really it was $125.00 a week $500.00 a month 12,000 dollars for the course and extra so around sixteen thousand dollars. Yea ill just rob a bank.. Mmmmm it’s out of my price range.

Then i looked at be coming a security officer and doing the course, the cheapest eight hundred dollars one week course, so i rang a few company’s asked the question.. if i get my ticket can i get a job, answer – if you have experience no problem.. Mmmm thats why i’m prepared to do my ticket because i have 20 years experience i mean again really do the course for 800 and then sit and look at my ticket.

In this development situation of a man that really docent know which way to turn so what does one do, I decided to surf the net for answers 2 hours later i come across a Gym for sale which is’n any thing unusual there are all ways gyms for sale starting around two hundred thousand an up to around quarter a million.

If you were to spot this you would ask the same thing.. so i asked the question that can’t be right surely so i did some investor gating and yes through some really serious home work.. I ended up catching up with the owner that has the gym on the market.

I don’t like of the idea of being to straight forward to a point and after a brief chat of 3 hours, the asking price is $40.000 all stock, equipment, office furniture with computer’s, printer’s, logo’s, and the best one to the gym all data of 123 fully payed clients with the potential of another 500 on data, 3 corporate company’s for corporate fitness 1 year full lease with the option of two automatically added on with no rise in that period.

Through this i have spoke to the accountant who has all the figures in front of him and the lawyer is going over every thing, well a couple things i’m looking at is back into full time work, gives me something to work for and i love doing what i do best working with people with getting my life back on track.. now i play the waiting game to see if it’s the change in my life again, Ahah it’s worth waiting.


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