Had A Fat Time.

Kado cut loose on the 5.4 Kilometre Track

Such a great day today why waste this that was my philosophy an a good one at that.. Yes you guessed it grabbed the little fellow Kaiden loaded up the ute and off we went to the Kalamunda Mountain bike track’s but before hand checked bikes with tyre pressure brakes, gearing with the chain on secure.

The track is challenging at 5.3 Ks we went on the advanced easy which there is 5 tracks ( easy, advanced easy, advanced, hard and extreme which is more for the guys that race and looking to get into the professional side off the sport.

The track has a lot quick sections, turns, jumps long and fast bends it certainly makes you concentrate with do i go for it or don’t.. mmm it’s funny the man come out in me today Haha I wasn’t going chicken out or go slow with my eight year old grandson with me.. the funny part about it he was right up my back tyre pushing me to go quicker.. Love it.

In saying this if you are looking at a way of adding a program to your Health and Fitness. Mountain bike riding at a designed track is certainly a great way to get your fitness, heart pumping really working the whole body which you do.. legs, hips, arms, core, stomach and the butt Lol.. it was quiet amazing when we finished and i analysed the ride.. A great way to get fit and kick starting to a healthy sport.. Mountain Bike Riding in the bush excellent.



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