Perth Is Sports Mad This Weekend. Lol

Optus Stadium the home of sports in Perth W.A

West Coast Eagles V Melbourne.

Tonight we start of with A.F.L Australia’s number 1 sport.. it is certainly our biggest sport when comes to crowds, coverage, media exposer, the most talked about sport in any hotel, at work, haven dinner with your friends or family, even more so since the A.F.L.W.F has taken it to another level and if any thing the best thing ever done for the sport.

Tonight the West Coast Eagles are playing Melbourne which should be a brilliant game of football they’re excepting 60,000 full house for this clash go Eagles, smash them Hahaha.

Perth Glory V Sydney Olympics G.F

Sunday we have our home team in the Australia nation Soccer competition Perth Glory taking on Sydney Olympic , this is a sell out crowed of 60,000 and i’m so glad for Soccer Australia and the sport it’s self to get such great support and especially in Perth who saids we don’t love all sports. Go the GLORY.

This game will have such a brilliant atmosphere as we have literally thousands of soccer fans that are devoted to a team some were in Europe the world of Soccer that might not go to regular games but show the support to the local team when it comes to the big game’s.

Sunday Morning H.B.F Fun Run.

They call it a fun run of 15 kilometres of treachery hills and roads from the City (Perth) to City Beach with all fully paid runners of all ages 70.000 Keen to run, walk, get pushed in a wheelbarrow for what ever way to be a part of something that is one off the biggest sporting events on the calendar every year..I wish every one a great run and enjoy what is truly something to see and be a part off.

You Are A Disgrace To Australia And One Of The Best Sports In The World Tennis.

Sorry Nick i used to support you and think if we keep given you the chance you will improve and play great Tennis as You are so Capable of beating the best in the world when you are on song.

But your last dummy spit is a disgrace to the sport of Tennis to the players that play at world level and to your self, more than any thing you are truly a disgrace to Australia and our values in sports especially at world level.

The world Tennis Body of Tennis should throw you out off tennis for 12 months plus fine you for one hundred thousand dollars plus, and as much as i know you can play tennis and you might have problems but enough is enough… never play for Australia in the Davis cup again and be thrown out of Australian Tennis… Once or twice maybe but 10 plus with your dummy spits is enough we as a country have had enough of It Nick.

To The World Of Sports Have A Great Weekend In Playing Or Following The Sport You Love.

Go Eagles – Go Glory –


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