Years Have Flowen.

A young boy with so much sprit.

Monday the thirteenth of May was my sons birthday and as usual he has a great night, and that was with water it was just the company that was they’re id say.

It’s funny as a parent sometime through the night you sit back and look at your kids on there day and remises were the years have gone and how they have turned out as your child.. your child.. As parents we model our kids from the day they’re born until we die, how do i mean model them.

I believe our up bring can effect as they grow of the three forms of life.. Kids, Teens and adults. As parents we can not make the decisions they make in life with the path of life, but we can suggest and guide them help, with their mistakes and praise the goals they have achieved in life.

Wade was such a happy kid.

What have i done to make me feel my two kids are great people and can be good role models for young Kaiden. This is were we come in as parents, like i said we can’t make a lot of descions for the kids, but what we can teach them is ( respect, manners, love, appreciation, friendship, give, take )..have good morals with the understanding that every one has different personality’s with thoughts in the meaning of life..put challenges in front of you but make them accountable to success..move forward with every failure.. i see as one of the most important of all with every thing we say and do.. Be You Don’t Be Any One Else, Just Be The Person That You Are.

I sit in my office looking at some photos of my kids and especially Wado so proud of were he is in life and how he looks at life with his dreams, goals and ambitions, the way he loves his family and a very devoted friend to any one that crosses his path. Do we as parents take that credit for the way our mould has turned out.. Na we take some credit but when it comes down to it we teach, suggest, help with directions.. show love and guidance be there for them.

Then our kids make there choices, directions set their goals pick the friends, establish a partner that will grow with them, as my daughter, son and Dallas with whom has lived under the same roof with me for 9 years so i call him a son, but the three of them have shown they are great teachers when comes to Kaiden the way the teaching of life is put across to him.

As a parent i learn all the time bringing up my kids even at the age of 31 & 28 do i say that i was a brilliant, out standing, extradionady.. No way far from it made mistakes said things i have regretted made choices in my life that effects their life in some way, what i do know i get better as i grow and if i’m prepared to listen i learn off them, what i have done is the power of love and bond as a parent and their best mate, through this it makes me so proud to be called their dad, for me to say as the years have Flown they are my kids.


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