This Is My Journey Of Life.

As i read through many blogs and articles it’s interesting how Life is such a big and good subject and why not it’s your’s for a life time. But it’s your creation of how you live life and go through life.

Life can be surprising challenging in so many ways, only so many people believe that life is run free with no problems as they say smooth sailing.

I have found through the years i have got to go deep to find the strength to keep going, there was a time were i had a piece of rope at a good length with many trees around me to pick from.. it was the constant words of … Hey Dad …with those two words it helped me find the strength to start over again.. I don’t know if it was selfish of poor me but i didn’t see the big picture some times and that was the 2 kids in my life. But that is one experience i find helps me when i’m down which is of fewer times since then.

Life is a Journey with so many lessons on the way, it has its fulfil meant , joy of happiness, rewards, every day is a challenge in some little way with the good and bad.

The biggest challenge for me with the journey in front of me is my age.. and that’s not through what i have it’s what i haven’t in life.

I class my self very lucky in ways as i have two great adult kids, a fantastic son in law with the best grandson in my eyes with a close family a truck load of friends, we live in a 5 bedroom house with two bathrooms two lounge rooms and good size yard with neighbours wouldn’t even know we live as no ones annoys any one in our area if any thing we annoy them Lol.

With me it’s the inconsistent flow of work that creates a weekly wage so i can keep moving ahead, getting knocked back at interviews because of the age, the days of what you can offer through the experiences in the work force have gone, it’s the cover of the old wrinkled book in front of them that confines if you start, the loneness i find in my heart and haven a person to share and be a part of their life were i find the journey in this stage of my life very hard.

All is not bad i have worked with amazing people at the highest level i all so have coached some brilliant athletes in watching them gain professional statue.. i have experienced helping people on the streets, homeliness, given kids direction with paths to follow in creating their journey, part of mine is helping and guiding people with there lives which is a good thing, there fore have no problem on the journey as i take people with me.

As i conclude my journey it’s pretty good there are people that are worse of than me, i feel i know what i had and what i want is simple companionship, love, friendship some one to cuddle and have a coffee with and if i gain nothing else id be a happy man as a mate you can’t take your assets with you when life has finished.

I can say there are so many good blogs, and poems written on the article of life the meaning of life, with so much meaning to the words written by a lot of you, the question i ask have you ever sat down and really thought were you are and were you are going what you have and don’t have. Maybe as we get older you understand more thats around you and appreciate the simplest things with your journey, on the understanding when your journey is completed the day we get lowered into the ground has been it completed with what you accomplished in life.


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