Salmon + Cube’s Of butter, garlic,lemon cooked at 170% 20.minutes = Heaven.

I went into the store today knowing i wanted something different, unique, licking lips material.. i bumped into the lady behind the counter that i think is Mmm leave it there.. I want something different something that i go WoW THAT WAS EXCELLENT.

Beautiful counter Lady..I have a great idea if you are keen and you will really enjoy it.

Me.. know worries id like to change up and try something different.

B.C.L.. Its called bag and bake.. she grabbed a nice piece of Salmon, 4 pieces of garlic, butter,lemmon crushed into good size big ice cubes disappeared into the back, came back with it sealed, and you could see the cubes were spread evenly back and front, she said the instructions are on the back, please let me know what you think.

Me.. thank you beautiful Lady behind the counter.. and off i wailed thinking that was so good with the effort and services was excellent.

Look at the texture of that piece of salmon.

Put in the oven on 170% layed the bag down across the grills in the oven cooked for 22 minutes.. cooked brown rice with a touch of olive oil..served with a few chillies to add some spice and tang.. several european olives..with a pinch of sea salt.

= Heaven. Mmm Heaven.


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