The Long Shot.

Every day of life you take a shot.. what sort of shot you take is your choice.. there are the short shot or commonly known as ( short odds ) then the one of a medium shot thats it’s still good odds known as a ( good punt ) with a lot of confindence, but a little risk involved.. The one were you take a big risk is the ( long shot ) it docent have to be money involved or put your house up on second mortgage.

A long shot is a big risk, do u succeed.. for the time and effort you put in.. do i make it with this one.. It is going to be my time and effort, how much is the key to your success.. can i except another failure if docent work or go the way i want it too.. how much money is it going to cost me.. and again my mates are and will what are doing.. Is it worth it ? An adventure involving great risk but promising a great reward if successful .. or a venture unlikely to succeed.

Another Ace is worth turning.

Short story.. I have had a lady that send me emails with invites, and information, on a career for nearly 2 years and that is being honest.. it’s with ( The Coaching Institute ) the one she wants me to study is a ( life coach ) i have even spoke to her on the phone several times and done 3 live seminars so i thanked her for the chance but i can’t do it, one reason is i can not sort out my fucking life so what good would i be to any one, i mean really a Life Coach thats looking at a way to end it Hahaha but she never gave up, once a month i would receive emails inviting me to a live seminar, have spoke to her again on the phone.

Well persistence is the key.. as it’s working i received an email last week, so i replied.. Sharon you want me to be a part off this you ring me direct and you talk to me.. Today i received that call of a conversation well over an hour, how my knowledge and experience’s in life are the best formulas to be involved as a life coach.

This how my life feels sometimes i’m swimming in a tank that i can never seem to find my way out.

Lets see, i was in the business with Hotels for quiet a few years, Management for a multi cleaning business for several years, took a long shot which payed off as a free lance sports photographer, Gardening & landscaping to fit in with as a single parent, been involved with sports all my life so took a punt as a High performance coach it payed good with something i loved all my life just went another level with it.

Cristian was writing about being successful or a failure on writing books or blogs how you keep bouncing back up on your feet and keep writing. So i’m looking at two new things to my life.. Writing novels thanks to Gabriela Pereira, blogs thanks to Cristian, and i’m prepared to do the course and study with Sharon Pearson off The Coaching Institute, i believe i can in corporate years of studying sports, nutrition and life as a Life Coach.

What i have to learn is how to love me for who i am and what i am with the this i thank Emma for your support and advise on how to achieve this in life. I know my people skill are very good and for some reason it seems to be at another level with the 12 year olds to the 25 don’t know what it is with the interaction i have with people but what ever it is i just keep improving it and with this it’s getting stronger in the communicating and understanding the wright side with people of most ages.

To Day

Was a strange day in some ways, again i didn’t have a shift so i did the usual got up with a nice milk coffee, i use that as a breakfast fulfil meant it’s not the best, but one shouldn’t hurt. Answered my emails read all the blogs from the night, payed bills, wrode up to the shops and back around 7 kilometres decided to got to the movies. I walked in with around 5 minutes to go before the movie started out of 180 seats i was the only one there.

Yes i was on my own at the movies, i saw a movie called A Long Shot pretty good i’m glad i was the only one there as i had my feet up and sprawled back in the seat with tears rolling down my cheek knowing that i was going to take another long shot after 2 certain emails and 1 phone call life is going to go another direction for the good or bad, happiness of success, tears for the failures, smiles for knowing i’m going to bounce back, Now i know why i’m still single Lol.


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  1. You are always on your right road for you and can find the way out from your “tank” when doing something differently than you have been used to … Actually, doing what you like/ want without fear. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and great quotes!

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