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I Was Asked.. WHY..

It’s the most simple words that can mean so much to people to me it’s a way of showing gratitude, respect, appreciation, loyalty and friendship. I say it for the simplest things and use those two words so much through the day and night, do i say it for impressing ( no ) i say it because i genially mean thank you for that.

I get asked why do you spend hours writing blogs, with people that you don’t know and would more then likely don’t care what you do.

It’s pretty simple i write blogs as i have learned so much with my writing and the way i write. My page is Lifeat60.. why do i write about my life and some times so deep with maybe too much information… that is an easy one to write about, seriously to easy from my point of view.

It’s a way of expressing my feeling of my life, a way i can express my heart and soul let things out.. One of the reasons is no one knows me besides one friend ( Matty ) that reads every blog all the rest don’t have the time or really don’t care. So with this i can write openly with my life of the experiences, Happiness, Sadness, Enjoyment, i can say love of 20 years ago Lol.. not now or the last 20 years Lol.. with all that it gives me a bit more understanding of my life.

I thank You Guys

For your support with my blogs and your advise with some of my blogs with all that are following me, you know who you are, the feed back that you give in improving my writing, what i do like is knowing that there is no nastiness, racist towards my articles, social media is being destroyed as it is to personal with comments made towards the simplest thing written. To me if you like it you show it if you don’t there is no evidence of that at all.

Believe it or not this is giving me confidence, a way to open up the way i feel and in one way meeting new friends through the world with the support and of those who follow my site.. Its no problem if i’m liked or disliked as ill never know what i do know is its letting me heal be open with my feeling and expression of life and more than any thing i’m learning so much in reading all the blogs of different subjects on every thing you all.. through what is used or we do in every day with life, learning through the world an it’s art off blogging and i thank you guys for that.


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