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Happy Mother’s Day To All You Beautiful Mums Out There.

Yes i do really appreciate my Mum and so i should wow i wasn’t the easiest kid and got a bit harder as i got older, with experimenting with parties, alcohol, drugs, sex and rock and roll. Did not matter if i was good or bad and sometimes over the top mum was there to support me all the way, even today she rings me and saids… O hello i’m looking for my son have you seen him at all Lol i try to ring once a week drop in once a fortnight to say hello to mum an dad.

Mum worked 3 jobs to help dad with the house when we were younger well really 4 jobs because she was all ways there for me my sister’s and brother as she is still there for us all at 81 Love Ya Mum and thank you for your Love, Friendship, Understanding, Support through good times and bad times, You never have criticised me or knocked me for any thing i take on in life.. just the words of a mother .. be careful, look after your self, and it will go well for you big son.. Big son love it Ribs and thank you for being such a great, awesome, brilliant mum to me for all these years and many many more to come.

Am i being a one eyed dad.. who cares.. Tara is a great mum so proud of her.

My daughter from the day she had Kaiden at the sweet age of 18 she has been right on top of being a mum, it’s her and Dallas up bringing that makes this kid a great awesome kid. Those two are so generous with there lives because every thing is for the boy, what i love and it’s the up bringing with him he is so thankful and appreciated of every thing that is put infront of him.. id say pop has a hand in there as well Lol… every one around Kaiden has a hand.. but Tara an Kaiden have a relationship and bond that you see mum and daughter’s have and i can really say i’m proud of the two kids as parents especially you Toots as a mother.

To all the mothers of the world.

Congratulations on being a mum it’s one off the hardest jobs as a parent your their for your kids happiness, hard times, good times, sadness, success, failures, and love but for what ever happens with your kids the mum is right with them to the day they pass away and i believe they are still with them in spirt watching over the greatest thing in a womens life being a mother.

Have a great day were ever you are in the world as a mother enjoy your special day with your kids.


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